Category: Syllabus of all Courses Published: Saturday, 22 October 2016
No. Module Name
Module 1 Internet Overview :
What is internet ? , domain , server , client , TCP/IP, browsers , Search engines, Domain registration & hosting
Module 2 Introduction of HTML :
What is HTML,structure of HTML, Basic tags of HTML Head, Title, Body, Tags, Creating simple web pages
Module 3 Text formatting in HTML :
Heading Tags, Paragraph Tags, Horizontal Rule Tags, Text Style Tags
Module 4 Creating Lists in HTML & Hyperlinks :
Unordered Lists, Ordered Lists, Introduction to Hyperlinks Link targets, Link display, External & internal links
Module 5 Tables :
Creating tables, defining Rows and cells Manipulating Table cells, Adding Table caption, Splitting , merging rows & columns
Module 6 Frames :
Creating Frames Creating Complex Framesets and Frame Interactivity Nesting FRAMESET tags
Module 7 Working with Web Graphics :
Overview of Photoshop, Embedding Images Manipulating images with hyperlinks, GIF images Creating image map & types of image maps
Module 8 Form Design :
Form Tag, Input Fields, Submit & Reset Button Large Text Areas, Check Boxes, Radio Buttons
Module 9 Using Dreamweaver for designing Web Pages
Module 10 Javascript & JQuery introduction
Module 11 CSS - Cascading Style Sheets
Module 12 PHP Introduction
Module 13 Use of PHP for design of Dynamic website
Module 14 PHP - MySQL database
Module 15 CMS - Content Management Systems like Joomla and Wordpress
Module 16 Live Project, Case Studies & Practical Assignments
Module 17 Internship with Certifications