Digital Marketing

Category: Syllabus of all Courses Published: Saturday, 22 October 2016
No. Module Name
Module 1 Introduction to Digital Marketing
Module 2 Website Planning and Architecture
Module 3 Creating a blog & Website (Wordpress)
Module 4 Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Module 5 Google Analyitcs
Module 6 Google Search Console / Google Webmaster
Module 7 Social Media Optimization (SMO) & Social Media Marketing (SMM)
Module 8 Video Marketing (Youtube Marketing)
Module 9 Search Engine Marketing (SME)
Module 10 Paid Campaigns
Module 11 Google Adwords
Module 12 E-Mail Marketing
Module 13 Mobile Marketing
Module 14 Basics Of Content Marketing
Module 15 Money Making with AdSense (Introduction)
Module 16 Introduction to Affiliate Marketing
Module 17 Introduction to ORM
Module 18 Live Project, Case Studies & Practical Assignments
Module 19 Internship
Module 20 Certifications
Module 21 Resume, Career, Freelancing Guidance